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Latimes – Why we just can’t get enough of ‘Alice’

artsliterature – What is Children’s Literature?

tomsguide – VIDEO: Penguin Gets Books for the iPad Right (how penguin plans to do children’s books on the iPad)

Galleycat – The Best Book Editors on Twitter



Journalstar – Poet Laureate Kooser releases first children’s book

NYtimes – Turning a 10-Cent Comic Book Into a Million Bucks

Hub Pages (Nicole Kidman) – General Knowledge of Children’s Literature

Flavorwire Film – Spike Jonze’s Maurice Sendak Doc: Tell Them Anything You Want

NYtimes – John Grisham to Pen Children’s Books

abc – The View from the Bay - Four reasons we need to read to our kids

Wikipedia – Portal:Children’s and young adult literature (interesting)

Thestar.com.my – Daughter marries science with fiction for children (Lucy Hawking)

 Theinquirer – Nintendo joins the e-book parade



News.Scottsman – Harry Potter story copying claim is ‘absurd’ says JK Rowling

Yahoo News – Tori Spelling ventures into children’s books

Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards 2009 (The Cybils)

The Northerner  – Inspiration from “An Awesome Book”

Principledprofit – Writing For Young Children About Complex Social Issues: A Diversity Author Shares Her Perspective

 Bookreaderdigital.com – A Guide to Carbon Neutral Publishing

Time – German Teen’s Debut Novel: Plagiarism or Sampling?

Mashable – Are We All Asking to Be Robbed? (Social Media)

Wired – Clive Thompson in Praise of Online Obscurity (Social Media)

Boston.com – Privacy group files FTC complaint on Google Buzz (Social Media)

ecommerce-journal.com – Will Google gain monopoly of world’s literature market digitizing books?

Forbes.com – The Double Life Of Betsy Bird

PUKU.Co.Za – IBBY SA Interviews The Book Lounge About Youth Book Trends

Barnes & Noble – The Rise of the Metrosexual Werewolf

PR Newswire – Borders Delivers More Than 900,000 New Books to Kids Nationwide

Washington Post - Judge puts off ruling on Google’s proposed digital book settlement

Sylvia Vardell – Poetry Buzz


Huffington Post – Can You Survive Being Published?

LA Times – For Japan’s cellphone novelists, proof of success is in the print

 The Wall Street Journal – I Spy…a Market for Kids

The New York Times – With Kindle, the Best Sellers Don’t Need to Sell

Reading Eagle: KENDAL RAUTZHAN: Children’s books explore intolerance

FoxNews – Environmentalism Latest Niche in Children’s Books

StarPress – OUR VIEW: Some of us want to unplug



Education Week – Texas Board Bans Popular Children’s Author By Mistake

Indian Express – Mongolian author rides camel to bring children closer to books

WSJ – Market Watch – Barnes & Noble and Common Sense Media Team Up to Help Parents Choose Kid-Friendly Books, Movies, Games and Music

Gibson – Bob Dylan Lyrics Inspire New Children’s Book

Suite101 – Changing Ideologies in Children’s Literature

TimesOnline – Ker-pow! Cambridge literature centre is to study comics and blogs

New York Times  – $100,000 Poetry Prize Goes to D. A. Powell

Reuters – Amazon loss on e-book pricing could fuel trend

Guardian Book Blog – Adult authors should stay away from children’s books – and vice versa

Suite101 – How to Publish a Children’s Book

Wired (Contest) – Photoshop Contest: The Future of Children’s Books

American Library Association – 2010 Notable Children’s Books

The Slush Pile Chronicles – More on Race in Children’s Literature

Irish Times – 71% of mothers read a bedtime story to their children nearly every night

NY Daily News – Apple’s iPad is no book-killer: Author says technology is a threat to reading we can overcome

School Library Journal – Caldecott Confidential: What’s next year’s best picture book for kids? Please, don’t ask.

Blogging Innovation – Internet Future Driven by User Reputation Scores

GalleyCat – Amazon Customers Continue to Boycott Kindle Books Priced Higher Than $9.99

NY Times (Feb 5th) - Best Sellers –  Children’s Books

Publishers Weekly – Children’s Book Reviews: 1/25/2010

my gorgeous somewhere - anti poetry rant 

The Atlantic -  Let Establishment Poetry Die

Brave New Words – Studying Children’s Literature

SCBWI Blog – New York 2010 Conference

NY Times – Opinion – Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

Wired – Behold ‘The Amazon Effect’:  Now Murdoch’s Gunning for the $10 E-Book

NY Times – Technology – The Twitter Train Has Left the Station

NY Times – Dr. Seuss and Coal Gasification

World of Psychology – Facebook Continues to Dominate Among Youth

SFGate – Pepsi picks social media over Super Bowl ads

Computerworld Security – ShmooCon: Inside FarmVille’s sinister underbelly
This article gives some good insights into those nefarious people who trick you into clicking on dangerous links on social networking sites.

David L. Harrison’s Blog – The poetry word of the month is “Road”. Last month there was quite a battle in the Young Poets contest. If you haven’t joined in yet, you are missing out on the fun. It is a great nascent poetry community.



Winnipeg Free Press – PAPER CHASE: Texas bans children’s book

HungerMountain- Can Children’s Poetry Matter?

Blogs.forrester.com – You need to read Seth Godin’s Linchpin. Or be a cog in the machine. Your choice

SFGate – Children’s books that deserve a bigger audience

Shutta Crum – A Balancing Act . . . Writing the Picture Book in Verse

WashingtonPost – HarperCollins Debuts Inkpop, An Interactive Writing Platform For Teens

Six Pixels of Separation – No More Websites. Only Publishers

Aol News – Does Apple Have an iDud on Its Hands?

Danzarrella – The 20 Words and Phrases That Will Get You the Most ReTweets

OregonLive – Environmentalism is the latest niche in children’s books

Indianapolis Star – 9 problems we must overcome to help save our children

Entertainment Weekly – Newbery and Caldecott winners announced

School Library Journal – Random House Leaks Newbery Winner on Twitter

The Onion [Humor] – Friendship Between Caterpillar, Horse Exploited For Cheap Children’s Book

Projo.com – 1972 children’s book online: ‘2010: Living in the Future’

The Village Voice – Lady Gaga Did a Children’s Book In 2007!

LA Times – Julie Andrews believes in the tooth fairy (how her childhood influenced her writing of children’s books)

The Huffington Post -  Should Poetry Critics Go Negative?

News.scotsman – Laura Cummings: Are the children’s classics in danger of becoming obsolete?

Metro.co.uk – Kids shunning book classics for Harry Potter, Twilight and David Beckham

Mark Blevis – TEDx Ottawa: Our future depends on children’s books (Video)

 NY Times – The Reading Life: Parsing the Poetry Best-Seller List

NancyJCohen -  Publishing Trends: Mash-Ups

BoingBoing – O’Reilly drops ebook DRM, sees 104% increase in sales

Huffington Post – Bedtime Reading: Children’s Stories To Inspire You In Your Sleep

BossyBetty – Armed and Dangerous: Children’s Literature as a Corrosive Agent to Sanity (It’s weird how some ideas can stick to your soul like lint on Velcro and never go away.)

Telegraph.co.uk- Teenagers ‘only use 800 different words a day’

Mashable – 3 Ways Educators Are Embracing Social Technology

The Seattle Times-Books: Kids’ books: A look at some potential Newbery and Caldecott winners

St. Louis Post – Dispatch – Who will win Caldecott, Newbery Monday?

DailyFinance – E-Books for Kids Get Publishers’ Attention

 Washington Post – Tour of Manhattan based on ‘Stuart Little,’ ‘Eloise’ and other children’s books

RocketNews – Twilight boosts sales of children’s books

Napa Valley Register – Are Children’s Books Playing with Our Minds?

Booksquare – Tools of Change, or The Future of Publishing Isn’t What You Think It Is

Kidglue- Here’s Hoping e-Books Don’t Replace Children’s Books

WSJ – The Death of the Slush Pile

Huffington Post – Are We Teaching Poetry The Right Way?

NY Times – Best Selling Childrens Books

 NY Times:  Why Twitter Will Endure

Guardian:  Too much rap, not enough proper poetry, says former laureate

Pratham Books:  Twittering Thursday

School Library Journal: In Memoriam: Those in the World of Children’s Literature Who Died in 2009

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Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog: 2010 Predictions

Huffington Post-Kim Rosen: Metrophobia: Are We Afraid Of Poetry?

e-newscast – Turn Personal Struggles into Books for Children

Publishers Weekly – Children’s Literature Gets a New Ambassador

Attorneyatlaw.com – Lead Exposure Risk Prompts Recall of Children’s Books

Telegraph – I-Spy children’s books make a comeback

Beyond B1nary – CES: Ray Kurzweil tries to build a better e-reader (see an amazing video from CES on the future of reading. It includes a small segment that demonstrates what is possible with children’s books)

Nytimes – Does the Brain Like E-Books?

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The Gainesville Sun – Politics playing bigger role in children’s books

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SFGATE – Children’s books: ABCs of the theater

Boston.com – Civil penguins and elusive Nobbles

Suite101.com – History of Racial Bias in Children’s Books

Huffington Post: 10 More Book Publishing Predictions

Robin Good – Top Internet Trends 2010

January’s “just for fun” activity is to go to children’s author David Harrison’s blog and enter his single word poetry contest.  The word this month is “time”, appropriate for the start of a new decade. Check it out, have some fun.