The Amazing Twenty-Six

Poem of month 

The Amazing Twenty-Six


Just twenty-six letters (no more) A through Z                

Make up every word – that’s amazing to me!                             

And so every note that we pass out to friends               

And books – some not finished, some read end to end          

And also the papers we write – short and long             

The news that we hear, each commercial and song

Directions we get so we’ll know where to go                 

The jokes and the riddles and games that we know                

That Handbook with pages of dress codes and rules              

To follow (or else we’ll be thrown out of school!)                      

All magazines, newspapers, flyers and notes               

And science and history’s most famous quotes                       

Great poems and speeches and stories and plays                   

Each wish, secret, sentence and promise we say –

That share special thoughts and the hopes, loves and fears 

That make us laugh loudly, get mad or shed tears.                  

Just Twenty-Six letters – you’d think we’d need more 

To do all the things that we use letters for!


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